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Friday FAIL: 4,000-HP Corvette Goes Flying

Friday FAIL Chevrolet Corvette Crash at the Drag Strip

Drag Strip Scare.

This week’s Friday FAIL isn’t about some stupid driver or idiot with a car; it’s about a car itself failing. Thankfully, despite the equipment doing the driver wrong, nobody was injured.

At the Radial Revenge event at Tulsa Raceway Park, racers from all around lined up their cars at the drag strip to put down the power. Daniel Pharris was behind the wheel of a twin-turbocharged Chevrolet Corvette dragster with 4,000-horsepower, owned by Andrew Alepa. In the next lane was driver Brandon Pesz.

Friday FAIL Chevrolet Corvette Crash at the Drag Strip

After warming up their tires with a mighty burnout, the drivers did their last safety check before lining up for the green light. After the green light dropped, both cars were off. The Corvette however, quickly became airborne and went straight upwards into the air, going completely off the track at a 90-degree angle. At the apex, the front clip popped off, causing it to land back down flat in the middle, where it slid before coming to a stop.

As emergency workers rushed to the scene, Pharris opened the door and walked out, unscathed from the incredible crash.

Thankfully, Pharris didn’t suffer any injuries despite the brutal accident. While the impressive car might’ve failed him on the track, the safety equipment worked perfectly.


How crazy was this 4,000-HP Corvette crash at the drag strip?


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