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Watch this Kung Fu Master Use his Balls to Pull Seven Cars

Kung Fu Testicle Pulling Audi Stunt

Scrotum of Fury.

We’ve seen strongmen and athletes perform incredible feats of strength by pulling and lifting unconventional heavy objects. This, however, takes the cake – errr Crown Jewels.

Ye Wei of China is a 39-year-old Kung fu master who has grabbed headlines for pulling cars – with his testicles.

Kung Fu Testicle Pulling Audi Stunt

Ye has created a hybrid style of martial arts called Tai Chi Zen, which combines Tai Chi and Taoism wellness regimes. This latest stunt is a wellness regime in Taoism called Xi Sui Gong or Xi Sui Technique that is said to improve fertility.

For the stunt, Ye tied a rope to his testicles that was connected to seven Audis and pulled them while walking backwards. The cars, which had a combined weight of 12.6 tons, were pulled a total of 26.2 feet by only his testicles before coming to a stop.

This seven-car testicle-pulling feat broke Ye’s previous record of pulling five Audis last April.

Pants off to you, Mr. Ye! (Don’t try this at home)

Source: DailyMail

Is this Audi-testicle-pull the most insane showcase of strength that you’ve ever seen?


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