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How Long will it take to get an IndyCar Ticketed?

Donut Media IndyCar Parking Prank

Donut Media vs. LA Parking Enforcement.

The guys at Donut Media have been dealing with some very strict parking enforcement officials at their West Los Angeles office. So, they decided to pull a prank on them and put it all on Facebook Live.

The Donut Media team took a 1977 Evel Knievel IndyCar race car and parked it at an expired meter outside of their office, where cars have been ticketed so many times before. The team then set up a camera and live-streamed it all on Facebook for fans to see it all go down.

Donut Media IndyCar Parking Prank

With illegally parked cars getting tickets usually a minute after their meters expire, the Donut Media team expected the IndyCar to get a lot of attention from parking enforcement very quickly.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, people started taking pictures of and with the IndyCar as they were walking and driving past. The parking enforcement officials passed by a total of five times and it was a total of 1-hour and 12-minutes before someone actually tried to write a ticket.

Talk about a perfect prank.

Source: Donut Media

Where else would you like to see this IndyCar expired meter parking prank go down?


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