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Friday FAIL: A Driver and His BMW M3 go off a Cliff

M3s are fast, but they can’t fly.

Owning a sports car like a BMW M3 can sometimes overwhelm you with the urge to go driving on some winding roads, floor the throttle, and take part in some spirited driving; it’s only normal. But, there’s a level of responsibility that must be met while doing this in order to protect you and other drivers on the road. One BMW M3 driver found out the hard way why it’s sometimes better to get some performance driving lessons and stick to a track.

CARBÄHnM3 and his friend decided to go driving on some winding back roads during the sunset. The weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful, until he became a part of it. The two sped through blind corners in the opposite lane, ignoring anyone that may have been driving in the opposite direction.

Although the driver may have been confident in his abilities, his car began to understeer and led him right off the road, causing his car to roll down the hill in a pretty serious accident. Luckily, the driver’s stupidity did not result in any serious bodily harm and he was able to escape with only minor injuries.

Here’s another video of his BMW M3.

Be safe and stick to a track, kids or else you’ll end up on Friday FAIL!

Source: CARBÄHnM3 YouTube Channel

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