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Friday FAIL: Another Crash for this Infamous Bridge


Friday FAIL Truck Can Opener

Case No. 119.

One-hundred-and-nineteen vehicles have crashed into the legendary can-opener bridge in Durham, North Carolina. No matter how many signs, signals, and alerts there are surrounding this railroad trestle, trucks crash into it and have the tops of their trailers shredded off.

This 11-foot, 8-inch bridge is notorious for destroying trucks. A greater portion of them are rental trucks with inexperienced drivers that don’t know the height of their vehicle and aren’t aware of the vehicular death-trap hanging above the roadway.

Friday FAIL Truck Can Opener

This rental truck driver was the latest (uninjured) victim of the infamous bridge. According to the video uploader, this is how it all went down:

“This rental truck triggered the red light and the warning sign, but was stopped behind a long line of cars. By the time the truck got to the bridge, the sign had already turned off again, and the driver had made good use of the long run-up to the bridge. Nice try, but did not quite make it all the way through. Crash #119.”

While the bridge is absurdly low, there are also more than enough signs, signals, and warnings alerting truck drivers to turn and avoid imminent destruction. But, then again, this is America, and paying attention while driving isn’t our best trait.

Source: yovo68 YouTube

How stupid do you have to be to miss all of the warning signs as a truck driver before crashing into this infamous bridge?


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