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Friday FAIL: What is this BMW Driver Thinking?


Here’s a joke: why did the BMW cross the train tracks?

Have you ever been driving and suddenly had to do a double-take because you couldn’t believe the stupidity of other drivers? This would easily be one of those incredibly idiotic and dangerous instances that could’ve caused some major damage and cost some people their lives.

In what appears to be Russia, some eastern European country or Asia, a BMW driver parks right in the middle of train tracks. This wouldn’t be that stupid if it wasn’t for the train coming down the tracks while the gates go down and warning signals firing up.

Instead of just driving through the gates in an effort to prevent a train from completely obliterating their vehicle with them inside, the driver sits there. They just sit. And wait. And wait. And then wait some more, until at the last second when an onlooker runs over and lifts up the gates, just in time for them to drive through.

This video is just bafflingly stupid, which earns it the Friday FAIL designation. Thanks for being a complete and total idiot who doesn’t deserve a driver’s license, BMW driver.

Source: Ярослав Бичко YouTube via CarScoops

How big of an idiot is this BMW driver on this week’s Friday FAIL?


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