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Friday FAIL: We Bouncin’ on the Highway!

Friday FAIL: Lincoln Navigator with Broken Suspension

Hey, your suspension is broken.

This week’s Friday FAIL comes to us from the frigid state of Minnesota where one Lincoln Navigator likes to boogie on down the highway.

While heading towards St. Paul, one driver caught something rather concerning from a Lincoln Navigator. Not only was the SUV sitting very low, but it was also bouncing on the road uncontrollably.

Friday FAIL: Lincoln Navigator with Broken Suspension

While it looks pretty funny (and would even more so if it was synched up to some music), the suspension is broken big time and controlling this 5,000+ lb. SUV has got to be incredibly hard. At one point, you can actually see the axles lift up and bring the tires off the pavement. Just imagine sitting inside!


Source: Ian Ramsey YouTube

How crazy would it be to sit inside of this bouncing Lincoln Navigator on the highway?


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