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Friday FAIL: Brake, Brake, Brake, not Shift, Shift, Shift!


Wrong pedal.

Around the world, there are super car experience events where people can pay a few hundred or thousand dollars to be able to drive their favorite super cars on the race track. The event usually involves safety and driving instruction beforehand followed by participants taking laps with a professional driver in the passenger seat.

While that sounds like a fun time, one guy and his instructor had themselves quite an awful experience.

While heading into a turn after the main straightaway, the instructor tells the driver to brake as they approach doing about 70 mph. The only problem is that the driver says he is and the car is still doing about 70 mph. This means that either the entire braking system has failed or the driver isn’t braking.

Turns out it was the latter.

The instructor begins to scream “Brake!” multiple times, to which the driver responds “I’m braking” as they go past a stationary car and into the grass off the track. The instructor grabs the wheel and tries his best to maneuver the car into the safest position possible at speed. As the car slows down, the embarrassed driver tells the instructor that “I ‘ah me foot on the f***** clutch!”

Major FAIL on you, Mr. Driver. That could’ve ended very badly but thankfully everybody was okay after the mix-up.

[Source: Viral Media Release YouTube]

Have you ever mixed up the clutch and the brake in a high-performance driving situation like this?


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