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This Local Repair Shop Commercial Makes Us Uncomfortable

We’ll just shift it ourselves, thank you.

Local commercials aren’t usually the greatest. Due to small budgets, they often fall victim to poor production and can be pretty tacky. If you’re in Burbank, CA, you’ve likely been treated to one of the most uncomfortably, awesome and awkward commercials, ever thanks to Arlen’s Transmission.

There’s “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” and then there’s this guy, whom we can call “The Most Awkward Man in the World.” He’s got it all; the bad song, the creepy looks, and his way with women that all combine to make the most awesome and uncomfortable commercial ever. Regardless of how you feel after watching this, the shop owner did his job and got you to notice his business.

And for that, we give you a big high-five!

Visit the shop’s website here.

[Source: RhettandLink YouTube Channel]

Is this the Best or the Worst commercial for a repair shop, ever?


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