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Friday FAIL: Where Car Thieves turn themselves in with Stupidity!

(Warning – NSFW language in video)

Because you’re so hard, you have to tell the world on YouTube.

Social media plays a huge part in today’s global society whether you like it or not. It also provides an open door to the world for stupid people, especially stupid criminals. One reason why law enforcement, lawyers, and seemingly everyone else in the justice system are monitoring different social media outlets is because there are some incredibly moronic people out there that feel the need to post their crimes online.

Ronnie Michael Wynn, aka Ron “Gotti” as he’s known on the streets of Vancouver, Canada was one of the latest idiots to essentially turn himself in after stealing a car and shooting a.45-caliber pistol that he stole from his Uncle out of the window while recording it on video. And that’s not the really hardcore part; he also had a REAL airsoft gun tucked in the driver’s side footwell.

So what would any halfway intelligent criminal do after they were videotaped while driving the stolen Chevy Malibu? Well, post it to YouTube and facebook of course! Nothing gets you street cred quicker than flaunting your crimes to your friends on social media.

The 23-year old is facing numerous charges according to reports that include possession of a stolen vehicle, second-degree possession of stolen property, hit-and-run, and a host of others. There’s also a bunch of other charges he’s facing that aren’t related to stealing and crashing the Malibu and firing a .45-caliber pistol out of the window.

[Source: KPTV – Fox 12, ColumbianNewspaper YouTube]

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