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Friday FAIL: Clean Arm Corvette Crunch!

Friday FAIL Dyno Arm Crunch Corvette ZR1

The new ZR1 will eat you.

Dyno days are fun. At these events, you can bring your vehicle, pay a fee, and find out just how much power it’s putting down to the wheels throughout the rev range. It’s a great way to see how effective your upgrades are, where things can be tweaked, and how your vehicle will perform.

It’s also very important to practice safety first and foremost around a dynometer. After all, this is a high-performance vehicle trying to generate as much power as possible in a stationary position. If proper steps aren’t taken to secure the vehicle and avoid certain areas while during testing, bad things can happen.

And that’s what happened at the Weapon-X Motorsports Spring Dyno Day to one lucky guy.

Friday FAIL Dyno Arm Crunch Corvette ZR1

One of the highlights of the day was testing a brand new 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The new engine is rated at 745 horsepower and 715 lb-ft. of torque, so everyone was excited to see what kind of numbers this supercharged V-8 was going to put to the wheels. After rolling onto the dyno, the street tires had to be cleaned of any rocks and debris. So, one worker took a broom to brush them while they were rolling.

Unfortunately, the worked got a bit too close and the bristles got stuck beneath the tire, causing the entire broom to be pulled underneath. It was pulled so quickly that the worker’s hand and arm got pulled beneath the tire, running them over.

Here’s a description from the video uploader:
“I attended dyno day at Weapon X and they were dyno-ing a new 2019 ZR1 Corvette. Basically because of the street tires someone had to brush all the rocks off the tread so they didn’t fly out. The guy who was doing it got a little careless and got the broom bristles stuck while the wheels were rolling and got dragged under the tire”

Thankfully, the worker wasn’t injured, but you can bet that he’ll be much more cautious before cleaning the tires of another car on the dyno!

Source: ViralHog YouTube

How lucky is this worker to escape serious injury after getting his arm run over by a Corvette ZR1?


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