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Friday Fail: The Corvette Drag Strip Burnout Gone Wrong


How to embarrass yourself at the drag strip.

When it’s your first time at the drag strip running a car, you’re filled with excitement, anxiety, and butterflies. Even though it’s your first time, it’s your job to understand the process of speeding down a drag strip for everyone’s safety. Plus, it will minimize your chances of crashing and damaging your car.

But at one drag strip, someone driving a new Corvette Z06 forgot to do their homework. Fitted with a set of street tires, this driver drove into the wet box and began to do a burnout. This was the beginning of a sequence of events that led to this week’s Friday Fail.

The wet box is designed for cars with slicks to burnout and heat up the tires for better grip. It’s not designed for the tread on street tires to perform large burnouts. So when this guy did his burnout with the street tires, he quickly began to lose control. With the Z06’s back end beginning to kick out, the driver overcorrected and caused the car to shoot directly into the center divider head on.

It’s painful, yet funny to watch and we know that this error resulted in a nice repair bill. We have a feeling that this driver will be staying away from the drag strip for a while…

[Source: Tupples1 YouTube Channel]

Have you ever made a mistake at the drag strip like this? Leave a comment and let us know!


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