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Friday FAIL: Don’t Drive your Car off a Flatbed

Friday FAIL: Driving off a Tow Truck

You’re not getting your car back.

When you get your car towed, there’s probably a reason for it. You can get as mad as you want and throw a big hissy fit, but you’re not going to get it back. Municipalities and businesses don’t just waste time, money, and effort to tow away cars for no reason. But this owner didn’t get that memo.

Friday FAIL: Driving off a Tow Truck

After getting his car put on a flat bed, the owner of the car decided to hop right in and drive it away as if that would make things better. Nevermind the fact that the car was a few feet up in the air and driving it off the truck would cause a lot of damage, but the car was partially secured to the truck and not going anywhere.

After getting snagged and losing traction to the drive wheel, the owner gives up on trying to drive off the truck. Instead, he goes over and goes off on the two tow truck drivers, who aren’t going to cave into his demands.

So, next time you get angry over the fact that your vehicle is getting towed, don’t make things worse for both parties by acting like this owner.

Source: justic served YouTube

How stupid was this car owner to try and drive his car off the tow truck?


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