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Friday FAIL: Don’t Play Pokémon GO and Drive, Kids

Pokémon GO Police Crash

Come on guys, seriously?

We may have held out a bit with the automotive-related Pokémon GO posts here at MotoringExposure, but we just can’t hold it in anymore, and it’s the cause of this week’s Friday FAIL.

Before we start, the entire idea for Pokémon GO is absolutely brilliant. Bring back a childhood classic for millennials, make it a cell-phone-based augmented reality game, and watch the money roll in. Seriously, if there was ever a game that spread like wildfire across the globe and brought in boatloads of cash, Pokémon GO is it. Hats off to Nintendo.

However, Nintendo cannot stop Darwinism from taking stupid people out of this world. People have fallen off of cliffs, been robbed, and crashed vehicles while playing Pokémon GO because, well, people are stupid.

This guy in Baltimore was driving his SUV while playing Pokémon GO down the city streets at night. That right there was a recipe for disaster that resulted in hitting the worst possible car that you can get in an accident with – a police cruiser.

Pokémon GO Police Crash

Thankfully the three officers were standing outside of the cruiser on the sidewalk around 3:30 AM after a call when the SUV crashed right into the cruiser. The entire accident was caught on an officer’s body-mounted camera as well.

The three officers walked towards the SUV to see if the driver and occupants were okay. Upon arriving, the driver got out with his phone and admitted to playing Pokémon GO while driving, which caused the accident.

Please, please, please, don’t drive distracted and put down the Pokémon GO if you’re behind the wheel. This driver was lucky that nobody was inside the police cruiser that he hit. Others may not be.

Source: Baltimore Police Twitter

How stupid was the guy to crash into a police cruiser while playing Pokémon GO?


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