Here are 5 Awesome Features you can find in the McLaren 650S!

McLaren 650S Spider

Putting it at the top of the super car game.

The McLaren 650S Coupe and Spider are at the top of the super car game with their incredible performance. But there’s more to their athleticism and speed than a 641 bhp twin-turbocharged V-8 engine.

McLaren 650S Spider

The McLaren 650S is packed with all sorts of advanced technology that make its drivetrain, suspension, and aerodynamics all work together to create an outstanding driving experience. Here, new 650S Spider owner, the.leviathan, details five features that make the super car absolutely insane.

Plus, it even allows you to eat a sandwich and drive!

Source: the.leviathan

What is your favorite feature on the McLaren 650S Spider?


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