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Friday FAIL: Don’t Tase me on the Track, Bro!

Friday FAIL: Tased at the Track

Dealing out Justice.

We’ve heard the phrase “Rubbin’ is Racin’” many times before, but these two drivers took that way, way too far and ended up in handcuffs. During the second-to-last race of the night at Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana, two drivers fought, one was tased, and both were arrested.

In the figure-eight race, Jeffery Swinford of the blank Black car was spun out by Shawn Cullen of the No. 33 car, making it the third time the two collided. After Cullen ran onto the banked portion of the track and stopped, Swinford drove over, spun around, and crashed right into the No. 33 car, ending up on top of it.

Friday FAIL: Tased at the Track

Cullenm, mad at the dangerous stunt that Swinford pulled, got out of the car and ran to Swinford where the two began to fight. Track officials tried to break up the fight, but it wasn’t until a police officer ran over and tased Cullen that it was broken up. The two drivers were both handcuffed and arrested for the dangerous incident.

According to The Herald Bulletin:

” Swinford was charged with Class A misdemeanor criminal recklessness, and was released from the Madison County Jail after posting $3,000 bond early Sunday morning.

Cullen was reportedly cited for disorderly conduct in Anderson City Court, but court records were not available Monday.”

This isn’t the safe way to go about racing, folks.

Source: RTV6 The Indy Channel YouTube

How stupid were these two drivers to crash and fight in the middle of a race?


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