Listen to Six Koenigseggs Drive through a Tunnel!

Six Koenigseggs in a Tunnel

Grab those headphones and turn up the volume!

Seeing a Koenigsegg in person is a special treat. Seeing two is pretty incredible. Coming across SIX of them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you think that can’t get any better, just wait until you listen to them drive through a tunnel.

Six Koenigseggs in a Tunnel

After a quick Koenigsegg car show, six of the Swedish beasts decided to take off and hit the throttle in a short tunnel, letting their engines roar and be amplified by the walls.

In attendance was a Regera, two Agera RSs, an Agera R, CCXR, and CCX.

Source: BrianZuk

Which one of these Koenigseggs sounded the best driving through this tunnel?


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