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Friday FAIL: Don’t try to purposely hit Animals, Please

Friday FAIL: Crashing while trying to hit birds

Here’s a dose of instant Karma.

We get that animals can sometimes be frustrating while driving. Having a deer jump out in front of you instantly makes you hate that species, especially when such a collision seems so avoidable. But, wanting to run over a flock of birds just minding their own business is baffling.

De’Oryen whipped out his phone and decided to make a Snapchat video of him running over a flock of birds in a parking lot with his Honda Accord. So, with phone in hand, and eyes fixated on the screen, he hit the throttle and wound up getting a fat dose of instant Karma.

Friday FAIL: Crashing while trying to hit birds

Because there were such a large number of birds in the parking lot, they obscured a curb from De’Oryen’s sight. He quickly found that out when he smashed into it with his Accord, bringing his attempted murder to a screeching halt.

Although the crash sounded pretty awful, De’Oryen tweeted out “@Honda has the best cars by far. My car is still in perfect condition”.

That’s possibly the worst positive review of a car’s build quality. Just don’t go trying to kill things with your vehicles, folks.

How great was it to see this driver get a dose of instant Karma for trying to kill a flock of birds?


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