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Friday Fail: It’s not over until the Fat Lady Sings


Premature Celebration.

It’s a great feeling to win a race, especially at the highest level of a sport. One of the most exciting parts of winning is being able to do a victory lap while celebrating and waving your fists in the air. Just make sure that the race is actually over, as you can see in this week’s Friday Fail.

A premature celebration is embarrassing, and that’s exactly what happened to Riccardo Russo during the Italian CIV Championship race in Mugello. On the final lap, Russo thought the race had just ended and began to celebrate his victory by standing on his motorcycle and pumping his fists in the air. But it turns out that the checkered flag never dropped and Russo’s three-bike lead quickly disappeared as he slid down to the bottom of the pack.

It took some time before Russo found out that it was the final lap and that the race was not over. After he was passed, the remaining racers battled it out for the victory in a highly contested final lap. Unfortunately, Russo did not get to taste victory and instead wore the stench of defeat. It’ll take some time for him to live this down, but we can assure you that he’ll be competing until the end and probably even during the victory lap just for safe measure in the future.

[Source: MotorsTelevision]

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