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Friday FAIL: Flying Cars are Still a Few Years Out

Friday FAIL: Flying Car Crash

This car won’t be the way of the future.

Technology in the automotive industry has advanced exponentially over the past few years. New companies and technologies have forced brands to develop and invent new methods of more efficient propulsion and technology for better efficiency, power, and convenience. Even with these advancements, we’re still a long, long time away from flying cars.

Friday FAIL: Flying Car Crash

But that hasn’t stopped companies like SkyRunner from developing vehicles that drive and fly.

This husband and wife were driving and piloting the new SkyRunner Light Sport NI43RS vehicle in an empty field with the goal of flying around. After achieving liftoff, they flew straight into a building, crashing very hard and then falling to the ground. Both the pilot and his wife thankfully survived but suffered serious injuries.

Flying cars are still a relatively new and unrefined method of transportation that requires a great bit of skill and planning to properly pilot. We recommend waiting a decade or two before trying one out – or just getting into an airplane.

Source: HunterQ8y YouTube

How lucky are this pilot and passenger to survive this scary crash?


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