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Friday FAIL: Formula 1 Burnout Gone Wrong

F1 Flub.

It was a wet, rainy, and dreary day in Moscow, Russia; perfect for some vodka and Formula 1. Kamui Kobayashi, former Formula 1 driver who previously drove for Toyota in 2009 and was known for his reckless style of driving, was present and driving a Ferrari F60 in front of a moderate crowd.

At the promotional event in Moscow, on a rain-soaked track, Kobayashi had himself a bit of a mishap. While driving a Ferrari F60, Kobayashi wanted to show off some motorsports mastery by breaking traction at the rear wheels for a burnout on the wet track. But things didn’t go as planned. As he hit the rev limiter, the rear wheels start to spin, and Kobayashi loses control and goes straight into the barrier.

Instead of waiting for a truck to come over, he tries to limp away in embarrassment on three wheels until the Ferrari F60 finally dies and he is forced to exit with the safety crew’s assistance.

Thankfully, Kobayashi was a good sport about it and presented the damaged nosecone to the sponsor (proper motorsports etiquette) the next day.

Here’s the dashcam footage of the wreck because it’s Russia and even their racecars have dashcams.

…and another for your enjoyment.

Big Friday FAIL on you, Kamui Kobayashi for trying too hard to show off, but thanks for being a good sport about everything!

Source: MountFujiMeta, Andrey Ananyev, and konextado YouTube Channels

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