The Iron Mountain is Coming to Mercedes-Benz World this Summer

Iron Mountain G-Class Vertical Experience

G-Class Vertical Experience.

Let’s be honest here, when have you ever seen a Mercedes-Benz G-Class being driven through the dirt, mud, and rugged terrain like it was supposed to, other than in Mercedes-Benz press pictures? The closest you’ll likely ever see one go through the mud and dirt is if one of the Kardashians gets run over.

But Mercedes-Benz is changing that and giving people that want to experience the capabilities of the G-Class the way it was meant to be at Mercedes-Benz World in the UK. Mercedes-Benz engineers designed an all-new exhibit called the “Iron Mountain” G-Class Vertical Experience that will give visitors the opportunity to climb 10 meters into the air, up a man-made mountain, reach a mid-air see-saw and descend at a 45-degree angle back down.

Along with all of the other driving experiences at the park like the Silver Arrows, AMG driving experiences, and 4×4 driving experiences, Mercedes-Benz wanted to create the most challenging ride to showcase the G-Class’s capabilities. After all, the G-Class is the most proficient off-road vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz family, even if it may never be used like it should by the wealthy.

The “Iron Mountain” G-Class Vertical Experience is modeled after the mountain near the SUV’s factory in Austria where it is tested year-round.

The new “Iron Mountain” G-Class Vertical Experience will be open to the public at Mercedes-Benz world from July 29th to August 8th. Passenger rides for the G-Class Vertical Experience will cost £10 per person or £ 5 when an Adult or Under-16 Driving Experience is redeemed.

Visitors can also experience the Stars and their Cars celebrity exhibit, a performance driving spectacle from the Silver Arrows, as well as Silver Arrows hot laps. It’s much better than Disney World, we promise.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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