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Friday FAIL: When Ghost Riding the Whip Goes Wrong!

Friday FAIL Ghost Riding the Whip

Let’s learn from our mistakes.

Mistah F.A.B. kicked off a trend with his song, ‘Ghost Ride It’ back in 2006 with people ghost-riding their vehicles. The catchy song quickly caught fire and inspired thousands of idiots to get out of their moving vehicles and dance in an effort to look cool. On this ‘Friday FAIL’ we look back and admire one idiot that was incredibly lucky.

This footage goes back pretty far, but is no less entertaining today. It stars one idiot driving a Chevrolet C/K pickup truck down an empty street with his friend filming on an ATV or dirtbike alongside.

Friday FAIL Ghost Riding the Whip

While the truck is in motion at approximately over 20 mph, the driver opens the door, climbs on the window sill, and maneuvers himself onto the roof and windshield. While doing this, the truck begins to steer into the curb and off the road, directly towards a fire hydrant and telephone pole.

Upon seeing this inevitable collision, the driver jumps off, falling onto the pavement hard and hitting his head. The truck takes out the hydrant, sending it flying into the air and smashes right into the pole, where it comes to a stop.

Miraculously, the driver survived and was able to get up, wondering what to do next. His friends that we filming, on the other hand, offer a helpful “Oh shit” down the road before the video ends.

Don’t be stupid, folks!

Source: Primecutpro YouTube

How lucky is this guy to be alive after doing something so stupid?


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