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Friday FAIL: Giving the Boot the Boot!

Friday FAIL Parking Boot BMW Drive Off

That works.

When you get a boot on your car from a town or city’s parking enforcement, it usually means that you did something bad or haven’t paid any of your tickets. They are no fun for anyone but a great way to force people to pay their fines. This guy driving an E39 BMW 525i in Durham, North Carolina, didn’t really care.

We’re not sure exactly what led up to the boot being placed on this guy’s BMW, but we’re guessing that parking in a handicap spot without a permit had something to do with it. The person who appears to be a member of the Durham, North Carolina city parking authority confront the man about him driving off with the boot by warning him and yelling “now its $300”, to no avail.

Friday FAIL Parking Boot BMW Drive Off

The BMW driver inspects the situation and decides to just give it a go by backing out, breaking the boot and lodging it into the wheel well. Once he backs out, he just simply drives away with it stuck.

If your vehicle got booted, go get it taken care of without driving away with it on still. It’ll save you a boat load of money in fines and damages to your vehicles. Don’t be like this idiot; guilty or not guilty.

Source: tow man YouTube

How stupid was this guy to drive away with a parking boot stuck on his BMW?


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