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Friday Fail text lake

This is why you don’t text and drive, kids.

Texting and driving is dangerous, yet we still do it as a society because we constantly need to be plugged into anything and everything. No matter how many warnings or ad campaigns there are showing the dangers of distracted driving – especially texting and driving – the idiots will always be out there.

If you need another reason why texting while driving is just downright stupid, just take a look at the 25-year-old woman from Temple Hills, Maryland who found herself in a lake and on this week’s Friday FAIL.

The woman was driving her Hyundai and texting on St. Charles Parkway and lost control of her car, causing her to hit a tree and drive approximately 60 feet into Waldorf Lake. Her car quickly was submerged in five feet of water but thankfully she was able to escape through a crack in the windshield.

Authorities were quickly called to the scene to find the driver safely ashore. The driver sustained only minor injuries from the accident and was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The car has since been removed from the lake and charges are pending for the driver, according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Thankfully the driver was able to escape with only minor injuries, but we all hope that they learned a lesson as well as others that text while driving.

Source: NBC Washington, CBS Baltimore

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