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Friday FAIL: How to Put a Stump into your SUV

Friday FAIL Stump Removal

…and break the rear window.

Getting rid of a stump is tough work and not really fun. You can rot them, grind them, burn them, and dig them out if you feel like getting dirty. Sometimes, you can even pull them out. These guys, however, won’t be pulling out their next stump after this experience.

Using a Chevrolet Suburban, these guys tied up a stump with the goal of ripping it out of the ground. Instead of slowly pulling the stump with the SUV and gradually ripping it out of the ground, the team decides to back up to release all the tension in the strap and then drive away.

The laws of physics advises against doing this. Why? Because in layman’s terms, it’s going to send that stump flying into the air towards the SUV.

And that’s exactly what happened. The drive drove away fast, ripping the stump out of the ground with such force that it launched it into the air and right into the rear window, shattering it and sending it over the SUV.

Good job, guys!

Source: Tyler Meagher YouTube

How stupid are these guys ripping out this stump?


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