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Friday FAIL: This isn’t how you buy a Ferrari


Drunk Driving Stupidity.

Drunk driving is never, ever a good idea. It’s also not how you go about buying a Ferrari or other exotic car. One alleged drunk driver in Doha, Qatar drove into the only Ferrari dealership in Qatar and caused quite a mess before leaving the scene.

Apparently, the driver was drunk and smashed through the big, glass window with their Kia before stopping right next to a Maserati and other supercars. The cars were showered with glass and the driver just sat there, parked, before a security guard came over to help the car back out without causing more damage.

The video picks up when the security guard starts to direct the driver out of the showroom. But, after the glass covered car backs out, the driver nails the throttle and leaves.

Big FAIL on you, driver, for showering such beautiful cars with glass and damaging the dealership that housed them, before driving away, allegedly drunk.

So far, the driver of the car has yet to be caught.

Source: JustinsSupercars

What would you do to the Kia driver if they crashed into your Ferrari dealership and then drove off?


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