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The Porsche 918 Spyder’s Chassis is Really Freaking Advanced


So much tech. So much fun.

Every once in a blue moon an automaker creates something otherworldly that is so advanced it changes the automotive marketplace as a whole. These vehicles usually come in the form of halo cars and are the result of boatloads of money being invested into design, development, and engineering to create a revolutionary machine.

Porsche is one automaker that is familiar with halo cars. Their 959 was once such machine that was far ahead of its time. Twin turbochargers, adjustable suspension, exotic materials, and advanced technology made it an incredible feat of engineering that saw many of its innovations trickle down into the rest of the lineup.

The German automaker has again created a car that is ahead of its time and is just so advanced it leaves your head buzzing just listening to the hundreds of different innovations. In their latest video, Porsche details the 918 Spyder’s chassis and details everything from the different exotic and rare materials used in its construction to the little bits and pieces that automatically adjust to different parameters on the road for the best performance. It’s a mechanical masterpiece whether you’re an automotive enthusiast or geek, or both.

Source: Porsche

Is the Porsche 918 Spyder ahead of its time?


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