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Now you can buy an Audi A4 Jon Olsson Camo Edition

Audi A4 Avant quattro Jon Olsson Camo Edition

Only in Sweden though.

Jon Olsson’s Winter Mobiles draped in black, grey, and white camouflage are quite popular and perfect for the winter traveler. His 2014 Winter Mobile Audi RS 6 Avant has undergone the camouflage transformation and some special tuning to make it one hell of a ski transporter in the winter months.

Jon Olsson has designed quite a few special products during his time as a professional skier but this one is a bit more unique. Now, Swedish Audi dealers are offering the Audi A4 Avant quattro Jon Olsson Camo Edition in a limited run of 50 vehicles that have the same camouflage design as his other vehicles.

“I have had a lot of signature products over the years, but having a Jon Olsson edition car, that’s something I never dreamed of when I was driving up the mountains 20 years ago looking at the ski team Audis that were passing us in our old Volvo station wagon that barely made it up the hill! But I guess as long as you work hard and have the courage to believe in your dreams it’s all possible!”

The new Audi A4 Avant quattro Jon Olsson Camo Edition models will be available for 399,900 Krones (+/- 62,000 USD) with the sport model costing 356,500 kr (+/- 55,275 USD).

Source: Jon Olsson

Photography by: Oskar Bakke Photography

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