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Friday FAIL: This M5 would rather take the Bus

Friday FAIL BMW M5 Crash

Rain does not always mix well with power.

Having a high-performance vehicle comes with a great deal of responsibility, arguably more so than a normal vehicle. Having to control more power than your average car isn’t always an easy task, especially when the roads are wet and slick.

In Vancouver, BC, one BMW M5 driver found out the hard way that driving in the rain and putting down the power doesn’t always end up well.

A rear-facing camera was able to catch the entire accident on camera. After waiting in traffic for half of the video, the camera car and the BMW M5 make a left turn at an intersection. The BMW and all 552 horsepower were too much for the rear wheels to grip in the slick, wet rain. The car immediately oversteered and when the driver tried to correct it, the car spun the opposite direction and ran right into the bus stop.

Apparently, it just decided that it was going be taking the bus to work that day.


Source: Alex Lee YouTube

How big of a FAIL is this BMW M5 crash in Vancouver?


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