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Friday FAIL: Man with Road Rage Shoots Himself in the Groin

Marksmanship Level: Idiot.

Road rage is never the answer. It’s dangerous and never ends with good results for any party involved. But thanks to some instant karma, a Norfolk, VA man got what he deserved.

On Red Brooke Road in Norfolk VA, 43-year-old Rhonney Jacobs was speeding through a neighborhood when a couple of residents flagged him down and told him to slow down since children were playing in the area.

Well, that was just too much for Jacobs, who made a U-turn and confronted both of the men that dared to tell him to slow down. Jacobs got out of his car and pulled out a .45-caliber pistol and began to threaten the two men. A struggle between all three ensued and ended in a big FAIL on Jacobs’ part.

After he pulled out his pistol, he accidentally shot himself in the groin.

Soon after emergency personnel arrived on the scene and were able to arrest and treat Jacobs for his stupidity and excellent marksmanship.

Police later charged Jacobs with Discharging a Firearm and Brandishing a Firearm. Thankfully, he was the only one injured in the incident.

TomoNewsUS also has a great reenactment of the incident.

Source: WKTR, FoxNews, TomoNewsUS

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a FAIL is shooting yourself in the groin while you have road rage?


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