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Friday FAIL: Mustang Driver Acts like an Ass on a Bridge

Friday FAIL Ford Mustang Driver Shurts down Bridge

Because this makes you cool, right?

Look, we know and we agree that burnouts and drifting is incredibly fun. But, if you’re going to do it, then do it somewhere safe where it’s not going to endanger others or shut down a whole damn freeway while holding up traffic so you can be famous on social media.

This video comes from Ft. Lauderdale showing a car club allegedly orchestrating a stunt to block traffic and let a car do a burnout in the middle of a bridge. Why? Social media likes and views, maybe?

Friday FAIL Ford Mustang Driver Shurts down Bridge

According to Local 10 News in Ft. Lauderdale, the incident happened on the Southeast 17th Street bridge over the Stranahan River. The stunt was recorded by others on their cell phones on the bridge, many of which were posted on the Street Life Car Club Instagram account. Those videos have since been deleted and the page made private.

The cars drove away and cleared the bridge before police could arrive on the scene, however the two people that may have been involved in the incident have been cited. The driver was ticketed for reckless driving shortly after the bridge incident when they were performing similar stunts, according to police.

Thankfully nobody was hurt because of this incident, just incredibly inconvenienced because a group of people had to stop traffic to show off. It’s completely unnecessary and unsafe, so don’t do it. Find an empty parking lot or something; it’s not hard!

Source: via Jalopnik

How mad would you be if this group of people stopped traffic while you were driving in order to record video of a burnout on a bridge?


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