Bask in the Beauty of the one-off Ferrari SP38!

Ferrari SP38

For the racetrack and the road… and our eyes.

The newest member of the Ferrari One-Off programme was on display at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este for the first time to the public. Called the Ferrari SP38, the new model was designed by the Ferrari Design Centre and based on the Ferrari 488 GTB chassis. It’s a gorgeous display of past and future showcasing the Italian automakers dedication to innovation through the vision of one of Ferrari’s most loyal clients.

Ferrari SP38

The new Ferrari SP38 is a super car that reflects one client’s passion for motorsport in street-legal form. The vehicle with which the SP38 is based upon is virtually unrecognizable with the completely new body covered in a new three-layer metallic Red paint. The twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 engine inspired the team to uses many design cues from the legendary F40 throughout.

Ferrari SP38

The front of the Ferrari SP38 is sharp and focused with the fascia sporting a thin shape starting with the strip of headlights and relocated daytime running lights. The shape of the bumper and its lip recalls that of the 308 GTB as the two-tone body flows towards the rear and provides a classic aesthetic. This also helps to emphasize the iconic wedge-shape profile that have been known to Italian sports cars of the past.

Ferrari SP38

As air moves towards the rear, it’s sucked into the intercoolers through scoops located next to each door on the Ferrari SP38. The original intakes on the 488 GTB were replaced by these two units to form a clean and muscular aesthetic as air curves around the powerful rear fenders. Glass is no longer used above the engine. Instead, a new flip-up unit boasting carbon fiber and flanks are used that pay homage to that of the F40. Three transversal slats are used and help to dissipate heat generated by the engine, seamlessly flowing into the spoiler that again, was inspired by the F40. Here, the spoiler perfectly flows into the rear wing and matches the diffuser positioned below the quad LED taillights and centrally-mounted dual exhaust outlets.

Ferrari SP38

Inside, Ferrari has custom-tailored the entire cabin to the wishes of the one lucky client for which the Ferrari SP38 was built. After the ceremonial hand-off and presentation, the new SP38 was subsequently driven around the Fiorano circuit – just as any new Ferrari should.

Ferrari SP38 Gallery

Source: Ferrari

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