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Friday FAIL: What We’ve Come to Expect from Mustang Drivers

Friday FAIL Another Ford Mustang Crash

… Another crash caught on camera.

Mustang drivers have earned quite the reputation over the past few years for their antics and crowd-mowing tendencies. They’ve also seemed to kind of split into two sides: those that want to restore their reputation and are respectful drivers, and those that just don’t care and want to be amateur Ken Blocks hooning on public streets to show off. We don’t like the latter because they do things like this video shows.

Friday FAIL Another Ford Mustang Crash

Not much information is known about this video other than the fact that it was posted on Instagram on May 19th. According to the video, a Ford Mustang driver tries to show off by turning onto a multi-lane road and hammering the throttle to burn some rubber. They quickly lose traction and control, and fly right into the median, hitting trees in the process.

After stopping for a second, they drive off with some busted body work and their rear bumper dragging on another section of the road to avoid the police.

Thankfully, there wasn’t another car(s) or people in the area where the Ford Mustang crashed as it had the potential to end very badly.

Don’t drive like this, people. Cars are dangerous and can harm yourself and others. Don’t. Be. Stupid.

Source: @adrian_zzz Instagram

How tired are you of seeing Ford Mustang drivers do stupid things while trying to show off?


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