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Friday FAIL: Where Nissan GT-Rs can Fly

(Warning NSFW Language!)

The sky is the limit.

One of the most appealing factors about the Nissan GT-R is the fact that it a super car that’s easy to drive and allows average drivers to achieve superb performance on the racetrack. But that doesn’t mean that you can drive like an idiot on public roads and expect to come away unscathed as the big, tough guy in town.

But thanks for proving us with some great Friday FAIL material!

During a car cruise, one guy decided to show off how fast his car was and how he’s a super-skilled driver. He overtakes a few cars and goes flying by only to meet a dip in the road and quickly go airborne. After coming back down to the pavement, he tries to overcorrect it as he’s coming up to a roundabout and ends up taking a turn into a field.

The car that caught the action turned around and went to go check on the driver of the GT-R. Thankfully, his stupidity didn’t result in any injuries but it did cause about $15,000 worth of damage to the super car. All we have to say is “Good job!”


[Source: imalexshin YouTube Channel]

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