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This is why you don’t the Keys in the Ignition of your 911 – Video



Unless you have a really awful car that you’re hoping gets stolen so that it can be totaled by your insurance company because you’re upside-down on your car loan and have gap insurance, don’t leave your keys in the ignition – especially when it’s a Porsche.

That must have just slipped one owner’s mind as they left the keys in the ignition of their yellow Porsche 911 at the gas station. Soon after, an E39 BMW M5 rode up and quickly checked out the situation; it was just too good to be true! After looking around to be safe (completely missing the camera that saw their every move) the one thief decided to hop in the 911 because he probably wanted to upgrade out of his friend’s E39 M5.

Hey, that little thing up on the building with the little shiny lens on it saw you.

[Source: AutoTuniRu YouTube Channel]

What would you do to the thief if that was your Porsche 911? Leave a comment and let us know!


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