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Friday FAIL: No Sir, Your Bentley Does Not Float

Shall I get a towel, Sir?

Robert Johnson won the £5 million jackpot lottery in 2008 in England. So, like most of us would do, he went out and bought a car that he wanted – A Bentley Continental GT. It’s a superb British luxury car, so why not?

Well, the 65-year-old businessman must not have read his owner’s manual stating that the Bentley was not amphibious. Johnson and his $160,000 Bentley were on their way to a business meeting when it came across a road in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire that the two had traversed before. The same road had been flooded before due to an overflowing stream and Johnson had driven through the water many times.

Well, the water turned out to be a lot deeper than Johnson had anticipated, and the Bentley was stuck. He contacted AA and a tow truck arrived, but the only problem was that the truck had to pull the Bentley from the front which couldn’t be reached. The waters soon rose up to three feet, poured into the interior of the car, and the team was forced to abandon the scene.

Although Johnson was a wealthy businessman, the $160,000 car was “his pride and joy” and was very sad to see it become a total loss. Afterwards, he purchased a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan to replace the Bentley. Johnson also had a 1940 Land Rover equipped with a snorkel in his driveway, which we all think he should’ve taken to the meeting that day.

Just remember that Friday FAIL taught you Bentleys don’t float, kids!

[Source: SWNS YouTube Channel, DailyMail]

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