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Friday FAIL: Porsche Driver with Road Rage Gets a Face Full of Karma


More dashcam fun!

Dashcams are standard issue in Eastern Europe and Russia and boy do they capture some crazy hijinks and happenings that provide us with a never-ending source of Friday FAIL content. One of the latest comes from Moldova; a country sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, and involves some road rage and instant Karma.

Two drivers moving along the Moldova roads apparently had some sort of disagreement and went into road rage mode. Luckily for us, one had a dashcam.

The dashcam-equipped car and a Porsche Cayenne started to go back-and-forth with their road raging ways around traffic to see who could be the bigger jerk on the road. Well, after the Porsche decides to pass the van and camera car in the oncoming lane, they decide to slam on the brakes and look over while accelerating. The only problem is that there was an unhitched trailer sitting on the side of the road that the Porsche driver failed to see until it was too late. The Cayenne slammed into the trailer, instantly paying for their stupid ways and getting a big ol’ Friday FAIL in the process.

Pay attention on the road, kids.

Source: TheFunSpider YouTube Channel

How satisfying is it to see instant Karma dealt like this on Friday FAIL?


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