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Take a Spectacular Trip through the Nürburgring


Green Hell never looked so beautiful.

The Nürburgring is one of the most iconic and legendary racetracks in the world. Drivers have triumphed and failed here in the place that was named “Green Hell” by Jackie Stewart. The iconic track had fallen on hard financial times as of late and its future was very uncertain until German automotive parts supplier, Capricorn Group, swooped in and purchased the track for over 100 million Euros.

The news comes as a relief to those that frequent and race at the track and in celebration, the first official video since the transaction has been released by the Nürburgring, giving us beautiful up-close and bird’s eye views of the track as it weaves through the forest and hills.

Source: DerNuerburgring YouTube

Do you suddenly have the urge to go race on the Nürburgring?


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