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The Prior Design PD6XX Widebody Aero Kit for the BMW 6-Series is Xtra Wide

Prior Design PD6XX BMW 6-Series

PUR-RIM muscles for the 6-Series.

The folks at Prior Design love their widebody cars. Everything looks sportier, more powerful, and athletic when its fenders bulge out a few centimeters farther than normal. The latest vehicle to benefit from this philosophy is the F12/13 BMW 6-Series and M6 thank to the Prior Design PD6XX widebody aerodynamic kit.

The new Prior Design PD6XX widebody aerodynamic kit does just what the name states: widens up that stance and optimizes airflow in terms of cooling and downforce. Dura-Flex fiber-reinforced plastic body components allow for easy painting and an OEM-quality fitment that is easily installed.

Prior Design PD6XX BMW 6-Series

The new Prior Design PD6XX kit gives the BMW F12/13 6-Series models a more aggressive and commanding road presence. The front fascia features a new bumper with flics and spoiler while a ventilated and contoured hood sits above to dissipate heat. The newly extended front and rear fenders are connected by a pair of side skirts that protrude from the body of the sports car. At the rear of the BMW 6-Series, the PD6XX makes its presence felt with a new trunk-mounted spoiler, new bumper, and integrated diffuser that can accommodate a quad exhaust system.

The Prior Design PD6XX aerodynamic widebody kit has a simple formula for success and can be installed on any F12/13 BMW 6-Series models including the M6. Pricing on the full kit has not been released.

Prior Design PD6XX BMW 6-Series Specifications

-Prior-Design PD6XX Front Bumper
-Prior-Design PD6XX Side Skirts
-Prior-Design PD6XX Rear Bumper
-Prior-Design PD6XX Rear Add-on Spoiler/Diffuser
-Prior-Design PD6XX Front Wide Fenders
-Prior-Design PD6XX Rear Widenings
-Prior-Design PD6XX Bonnet/Engine Cover
-Prior-Design PD6XX Rear Trunk Spoiler
-Mounting material

Prior Design PD6XX BMW 6-Series Gallery

Source: Prior Design

Are you ready to get wide with the Prior Design PD6XX BMW 6-Series widebody kit?


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