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Friday FAIL: Power Washing Your Car’s Interior isn’t a Good Idea

Friday FAIL Power Washing Interior

Unless you’re in ‘Pulp Fiction’

There are good ways to clean your vehicle and then there are really dumb ways to clean your vehicle. This lady power washing the interior of her truck falls into the latter category, but is perfect for ‘Friday FAIL’.

Unless this lady committed a murder or her or all of her friends got really drunk then threw up in the interior, power washing it is bad. Very bad. All those electronics are going to be fried and those seats will be soaked. The same reason that you don’t leave your windows open is the same reason that you don’t do this – at all.

Friday FAIL Power Washing Interior

Some SUVs and trucks are equipped with floors and mats that are designed to be hosed out for those off-road excursions and muddy days. This, however, isn’t the case, and even if it was, spraying the roof, pillars, and everything in between would still be a bad idea.

So, lady with the bright idea to pressure wash her interior, have fun with the soaked seats, electronics, and everything else.


How stupid is it to power wash the entire interior of your vehicle?


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