Watch these 1,000+ HP Beasts Race on the Street

Nissan GT-R vs Chevrolet Corvette

We don’t condone this, but we’ll show you the video anyways.

There’s no question that there’s a lot of money in the UAE and a lot of fast cars to go with it. This supercharged C6 Chevrolet Corvette and SZM BLGTR 1300 are just two examples of owners dumping tons of money into their sports cars to make them as fast as possible.

Nissan GT-R vs Chevrolet Corvette

So what do you do with really fast cars? Well, you race them, and that’s exactly what happened with these two bad boys. Each car got flatbedded to go race on the street, which is somewhat ironic in itself, and then threw down in traffic.

In one lane, the Corvette is pushing down 1,400+ horsepower to the rear wheels, while its competitor is sending 1,170 horsepower to all four wheels. That’s some utterly insane power, and really shouldn’t be on the streets, but the owners raced anyways.

Source: Bad95killer YouTube

Would you rather race the Chevy Corvette or the Nissan GT-R?


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