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Friday FAIL: Protesting Taxi Driver Gets Free Uber Ride

Friday FAIL UberX

Taxi Drivers are stepping up their game.

It’s no secret that animosity between taxi drivers and Uber drivers is growing around the globe. The ride sharing service is basically taking away business from the long-established taxi service, and when you mess with someone’s income, bad things usually happen.

In Toronto, taxi driver, Kanaga Sabai, was caught on camera pounding on the window of a Honda Civic with an UberX driver and passenger in protest. The 22-year taxi driver then grabbed ahold of the car and went for a quick ride down the street before he let go and the Civic drove away.

Friday FAIL UberX

“We are trying to get a point across, that’s what we’re trying to do,” Sabai said.

Although the iTaxi Workers Association condemned Sabai’s actions, the union was also critical of the UberX service.

Maybe Rob Ford can come back and work a compromise.

Source: CBC

How crazy is this UberX-protesting taxi driver?


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