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The BMW X6 Spreads its Wings with the AC Schnitzer Falcon

AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon

The Sport Activity Coupe gets wide.

The BMW X6 Sport Activity Coupe or whatever the hell it’s classified as today has been quietly popular around the globe thanks to its sleek looks, even though it doesn’t exactly offer any sort of utility. The sporty crossover was the subject for the new AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon – a widebody kit with an array of power tunes, wheels, and exhaust options that make things a bit more fun.

AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon

The entire range of gasoline and diesel engines found in the BMW X6 all get a healthy boost of power thanks to AC Schnitzer. The X6 30d goes from 258 to 309 horsepower while the X40d goes from 313 to 360 horsepower. The gasoline X6 35i sees its 306 horsepower output grow to 360 horses, the X6 50i from 450 to 525 horsepower, and the mighty X6 M goes from 575 horsepower all the way up to 650. Each engine can be decorated with special optics kits for that unique visual touch.

The AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon can also be outfitted with new rear mufflers and exhaust tips with various designs/finishes. The German tuning company also developed a new sound module setup for the diesel engines that features a total of seven different exhaust notes including the factory sound that can be altered via remote control.

AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon

The AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon does have a nice set of wings – extended fenders to be exact. The 10-piece widebody kit includes a set of extended front and rear fenders, front skirt, hood vents, carbon fiber mirror covers, carbon fiber rear wing, rear diffuser, carbon fiber rear skirt insert, and rear skirt protection foiling. This gives the sleek crossover a more aggressive and athletic stance.

As with many of the AC Schnitzer-tuned vehicles, the full range of in-house cast and forged wheels are available. From the AC1 wheels in a 10.0J x 22 front and 11.5J x 22 rear setup to the Type V lightweight forged wheels in the same size, customers can pick and choose the right wheels and finish for their AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon. These can all be paired up with a spring kit that lowers both axles between 15 and 20 mm.

AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon

Inside, the cozy interior atmosphere can get a bit of an upgrade. The AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon can be given new aluminum pedals and foot rest along with velour floor mats. A new key holder is also available.

The new AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon upgrade program is currently available on all BMW X6 models as a complete package or individual accessories.

AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon Specifications

AC Schnitzer performance upgrades incl. two years guarantee
-X6 30d with 190 kW/258 HP to 227 kW/309 HP
-X6 40d with 230 kW/313 HP to 264 kW/360 HP
-X6 35i with 225 kW/306 HP to 265 kW/360 HP
-X6 50i with 330 kW/450 HP to 386 kW/525 HP
-X6 M with 423 kW/575 HP to 478 kW/650 HP
-AC Schnitzer engine optics

-Wide Body 10-pieces for front and rear fenders incl. FALCON vitro emblem
-AC Schnitzer front skirt
-AC Schnitzer bonnet vents, optional chromed design elements
-AC Schnitzer carbon mirror covers
-AC Schnitzer carbon rear wing (export version)
-AC Schnitzer rear diffuser
-AC Schnitzer carbon rear skirt insert
-AC Schnitzer rear skirt protection foil

-AC Schnitzer aluminum pedal set
-AC Schnitzer aluminum foot rest
-AC Schnitzer key holder
-AC Schnitzer floor mats, velour

AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon Gallery

Source: AC Schnitzer

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