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Friday FAIL: Putting Coca-Cola in your Fuel Tank

Coca-Cola in Fuel Tank

In the name of science!

If you really hate someone enough, there’s a never-ending list of ways to ruin their car. Putting sugar in the fuel tank, putting baloney on the paint, egging it and letting it sit, letting air out of the tires, etc. are just a few of the things that can really cause some damage. We don’t ever advocate doing this, anyways. However, TechRax, the YouTuber that loves to destroy technology, put Coca-Cola in an E46 BMW 325i wagon to see what would happen.

Why? Because this is science!

Coca-Cola in Fuel Tank

So, TechRax dumped two liters of Coca-Cola right into the fuel tank with gasoline already inside. Then, he started it right up and went for a drive.

As you would expect, it took a little driving before the engine started to perform differently. At first, it was just making a few odd sounds. Soon after, the RPMs began to drop significantly before returning to normal. Then, the car itself just stalled out in the middle of the road. TechRax couldn’t get it started, so he was forced to push it to the side of the road.

Why? Well, Coca-Cola isn’t combustible and will completely ruin your fuel system because it’s a damn carbonated drink.

So, TechRax took the car into a local repair shop and was handed a $1,502 repair bill just for the fuel system repair. Plus, that’s just the starting point; if there is anything else wrong with the engine, electronics, etc., then it’s going to cost significantly more.

The lesson for this week’s Friday FAIL is that you shouldn’t put drinks into your fuel tank and try to drive. That includes N.O.S. energy drinks too.

Source: TechRax YouTube

What kind of drink would you like to see be put into a fuel tank to see if a car could run?


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