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Friday FAIL: Racing, Dragging, and Fighting

Car vs. Driver vs. Wall

In motorsports, as with all kinds of athletics, there is drama. It’s the competitive nature of the game and sometimes athletes can take it too far, which is our focus for this week’s Friday FAIL.

After the O’Reilly Auto Parts 100 at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, two 20-lap Sportsman races took place. Derek Stoltz, Bryant Robertson, and his brother, Mike all participated in the 20-lap competition.

Stoltz, who won the first race, began the second in 12th place on the starting grid. He was able to work his way to the front of the pack and win the second race, but did so in a way that was a bit reckless. In the final lap of the race, Stoltz knocked out Bryant Robertson in turn three, and then knocked his brother Mike, out of the race soon after.

That’s grounds for some fighting. After Mike and his brother were knocked out, he ran after Stoltz, visibly angry at his driving style. Mike grabbed onto the car and Stoltz punched the throttle, dragging along his angry competitor for a good 30 yards and dumping him into the concrete wall. Luckily, Mike Robertson appeared to be in good shape after taking the tumble and chased after Stoltz before track security put an end to the pursuit. To top it all off, Stoltz still won the race after the incident.

Now, we’re not condoning Stoltz’s driving style or Roberstons’ behavior here, but there needs to be some common sense on both parties here. Don’t drive with someone latched onto your window and don’t grab onto a moving car. That way you won’t be featured on Friday FAIL.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal, DJ Bumgarner YouTube

Who’s the bigger idiot in this situation?


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