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Friday FAIL: Russian Road Rage Leads to a Shot Engine

Friday FAIL Russian Road Rage

Well, that escalated quickly.

For this Friday FAIL, we travel back to Russia where dashcams capture everything you could possibly imagine on the roads and then some. Road rage seems to be the norm here, but this is one of the more crazy incidents that you’ll see.

While stuck at a light, the victim was behind a driver who was very angry over something. He was so mad that he got out of his car wielding a hatchet and ran towards the victim’s car as if he was going to hack away.

Friday FAIL Russian Road Rage

When that didn’t do the trick, the angry driver went back into his tool chest, where he pulled out a pistol. Still fuming over whatever the victim did [or didn’t do (it’s still not clear as to what caused the situation)], he shot the engine of the victim’s vehicle. After pumping a few bullets into the engine, he sped away.

We’re just thankful that he didn’t shoot the driver and/or any passengers!

Source: Rei Sekov YouTube

How crazy is this Russian road rager?


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