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HPerformance Goes Clubsport with the Audi TT-RS

HPerformance Audi TT-RS Clubsport

The turbo-five gets turnt up.

The closest that you can get to the high-performance R8 in the Audi lineup is the TT-RS. The athletic, turbo-five sports car is a very potent and capable performer, but it falls short of its mid-engined sibling. However, with the HPerformance Audi TT-RS “Clubsport”, the winner of the sibling rivalry is up for debate.

HPerformance Audi TT-RS Clubsport

The 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five cylinder engine was pushed to the limit thanks to HPerformance and MRT Performance. The two companies and their wealth of knowledge, especially with Audi’s turbo-fives came in handy for the TT-RS “Clubsport”.

The TT-RS “Clubsport” gained a new HPerformance Stage 5 upgrade kit for the engine which includes the likes of a new HPXT530 turbocharger, intercooler, 90-mm intake with ram air function, new spark plugs, high-pressure fuel pump, and 90 mm exhaust. All that equates to a total of 510 horsepower and 509 lb-ft. of torque.

HPerformance Audi TT-RS Clubsport

The added power hitting all four wheels through the Quattro all-wheel drive system benefits from beefy new brakes. The HPerformance Audi TT-RS “Clubsport” was outfitted with new Mov’it racing brakes with discs that measure 370 x 35 mm up front and 342 x 28 mm at the rear.

In terms of slicing and dicing, the weight distribution will never be like that of the mid-engined R8. However, the HPerformance TT-RS “Clubsport” features a new KW Clubsport coilover setup with three-way adjustability and Uniball strut towers. This gives the sports car agile dynamics that aren’t afraid to tackle sharp corners at high speed.

HPerformance Audi TT-RS Clubsport

To make the Audi TT-RS “Clubsport” look the part, HPerformance tacked on some lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamics. A large Clubsport front lip is flanked by lateral flaps to generate all the downforce you’ll ever need at the front axle. A large Clubsport rear wing spoiler keeps the butt planted at high speeds for better stability.

HPerformance Audi TT-RS Clubsport

The new HPerformance Audi TT-RS “Clubsport” is currently available as a 50,000-Euro package. The featured Clubsport model is available for 90,000 Euros.

HPerformance Audi TT-RS “Clubsport” Specifications

Displacement: 2.5 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-five
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 510 / 375 kW
Maximum Torque: 509 lb-ft. / 690 Nm
-HPerformance Stage 5 kit

Brakes and Suspension:
Brakes: Mov’it
Front Brake Discs: 370 x 35 mm
Rear Brake Discs: 342 x 28 mm
Suspension: KW Clubsport coilovers, Uniball strut towers.

-Carbon fiber Clubsport lip
-Carbon fiber lateral front flaps
-Carbon fiber rear Clubsport wing spoiler

HPerformance Audi TT-RS “Clubsport” Gallery

Source: HPerformance

Would you drive the HPerformance TT-RS Clubsport over the Audi R8?


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