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Friday FAIL: Super Cars Getting Yelled At and Crashing!

Friday FAIL Compilation

Thirteen minutes of face-palming action.

This week’s ‘Friday FAIL’ isn’t just focusing on one single act of stupidity, rather a culmination of fails and facepalms that we’re seen over the past few years. It’s not just idiots doing stupid things with super cars either, there’s a healthy dose of angry people losing their minds on these cars and their drivers.

Friday FAIL Compilation

The video starts out with people losing their minds at these super cars and their drivers for being too loud, driving too fast, and the other laundry list of reasons that people find to hate them. There’s a biker who gets in the way of an Aventador, a lady going apeshit over loud Subarus, and a dude writing ‘ASS’ on a Ferrari with ice cream along with others flipping out.

To wrap it all up nicely, the last few minutes of the video stars idiot supercar drivers doing stupid things that result in crashing or some kind of vehicular damage. Because for every good driver, there’s always a stupid one.

So, sit back and enjoy the anger and lack of intelligence that results in some very funny reactions and incidents because that’s what Friday FAIL is all about.

Source: AliRezaTIME YouTube

Which one of these incidents was your favorite FAIL?


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