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Friday FAIL: Supercar Drivers Weaving Through Traffic Never Ends Well

Friday FAIL Bullrun Crash

This is why you don’t drive recklessly on public roads, kids.

There are a number of supercar rallys and cruises that go on around the globe where high-end exotics, sports cars, and more embark on long drives across countries or continents. That sounds like a fantastic time, but when these drivers start behaving like idiots and put the lives of others in danger, they deserve to be arrested.

Many of these rallys have been outlawed due to the fact that so many of the drivers were racing at incredibly dangerous speeds and putting everybody else on the road at risk of an accident. This accident from the 2011 Bullrun Rally is a perfect example of why they can be so dangerous.

During the rally, these supercar drivers were speeding down the highway and weaving through traffic, just asking for something bad to happen. Well, it did.

As the Audi R8 began to turn into the right lane, it sideswiped a Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG driven by Ice-T. That caused the R8 to lose control and slam into the rear of the Honda Accord sitting in the middle lane, minding its own business.

According to the person who filmed and uploaded the video, the Audi R8 driver was arrested for the accident, and we hope that they got the justice they deserved. A simple ‘Friday FAIL’ is not enough for this idiot.


Source: Speedracer38 YouTube

What should happen to the driver of the Audi R8 that caused this crash?


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